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The Hydrothermal Journey & Spa
at Oceanstone Resort

Experience Wellness From Within

Carved into the breathtaking natural landscape at Oceanstone is a one-of-a-kind Hydrothermal Journey designed to help you find wellness from within. Accompanying our Hydrothermal Experience is a curated Spa Menu of Treatment Services to meet your bespoke needs and deliver an elevated & exceptional experience. 

Alongside a meditation den & lounge for restorative moments and an accompanying seasonal Spa Food Menu created by Chef. 

Hydrothermal Journey

3 hours | $85 Mon-Sun
Twilight | $60 Mon-Sun | Any time from 5:30pm to Close (8pm)

Day Passes Available Monday – Thursday in April only! $85

Artful design, celebrating health in nature, we offer our guests the opportunity to enjoy wellness journeys steeped in the deep traditions of Hydrothermal Bathing; yet enriched by the local hand, talent, rituals, and riches of the Nova Scotian landscape and community.

Our hydrothermal journey features:

  • Outdoor Showers
  • 2 Warm Vitality Pools (Warm & Hot)
  • North Atlantic Plunge Pool
  • Kneipp River Walk (Seasonal)
  • Salt-Inhalation Hammam
  • Aromatherapy Sauna
  • Restore & Relax Areas
  • Nourishment & Hydration (at the Lighthouse)
  • Fireside Recovery Stations

Wild & Immersive


OCEAN MOON-STONES created by Oceanstone | 75 min 

$130 treatment only | $200 includes hydrothermal journey

Warmed stones are bathed in moisturising body oil and are massaged rhythmically over the body from the neck down, in combination with hand techniques that encourage a deep experience of restoration in the body. Then, honouring the wonders of ancient Nordic traditions of incorporating hot-cold therapy the warmed stones are then followed by a face massage with cool Cryo Stix that can stimulate the lymphatic system, rid puffiness, stimulate blood flow, and soothe your skin.


$105 treatment only | $175 includes hydrothermal journey

A warming sensory experience that stimulates and polishes the skin creating an activating and vitalizing response in the body, before concluding with an oil application to lock in moisture. A combination of organic bladderwrack and antioxidant-rich seaweed, the massage oil is known for supporting anyone who struggles with the heaviness of sluggish or stagnant energy. This promotes detoxification, enhances blood flow, and improves the texture and surface of the skin.

VOYAGER JOURNEY created by VOYA | 90 min 

$145 treatment only | $215 includes hydrothermal journey

An energizing experience that incorporates the invigorating use of dry brushing on the entire body. This seeks to gently exfoliate the surface of your skin while stimulating the lymphatic system and boosting circulation. Following this is a full body effleurage and lotion application to moisturize and seal in hydration, as well as, weaving in a facial and scalp massage to delight your senses from head to toe.



Combine any two treatments for a personalized experience in one of our double rooms

GROUNDING FOOT RITUAL created by VOYA | 45 min

$100 treatment only | $170 with hydrothermal journey

Recharging circulation of the lower limbs and refining your skin; first, you will enjoy a body polish from the knees down. After which your legs are wrapped in a mask of warmed Atlantic seaweed leaves to detoxify, increase circulation and nourish tired feet and legs while a soothing scalp massage is provided. Concluding your ritual with a deeply relaxing massage of the lower legs and feet.

Social & Communal

Individual & Introspective


WAVES OF HEALING created by VOYA | 90 min 

$145 treatment only | $215 includes hydrothermal journey

A blissful full body experience of stretches and massage movements that mirror the fluidity and cadence of sea waves, nurturing you from head to toe. Creating a gentle and stimulating experience for your body to soften deeply into comfort relieving tension and stagnant energies. This treatment then concludes with a concentrated facial curated to your skin’s bespoke needs, embracing facial massage techniques that encourage lymphatic circulation for the ultimate full-body experience.

MINDFUL MOMENTS created by VOYA | 60 min 

$115 treatment only | $185 includes hydrothermal journey

An experience of pure relaxation that provides the ultimate space for balance and restoration within the body and mind. With the use of Polynesian techniques that reflect the serene rhythmic nature of ocean waves you’ll enjoy full body massage. As your Spa Therapist massages your body from head to toe, including a light scalp and facial massage. This is an invitation to honour our human need for restoration and to have all your stress, tension, and strain melt away.


$150 treatment only | $220 includes hydrothermal journey

Through an initial comprehensive skin analysis this facial is designed to be fully customizable to meet your bespoke needs as it can mould to a purifying, ultra calming, or intense hydration based facial. Using seaweed extracts, gentle exfoliants, serums, and masks this facial helps to transform your skin leaving it feeling nourished and perfectly balanced. You will be left with a revived glowing, yet non-greasy complexion that is both enriched and strengthened. Incorporating a scalp, neck, and shoulder massage into the journey, as well as, either a light foot or hand massage depending on your preference.




$105 treatment only | $175 includes hydrothermal journey

This experience is a calming body polish that you can soothe your body with. It is both deeply relaxing while also detoxifying as it boosts circulation and encourages the lymphatic system. This full-body treatment uses a medley of organic ingredients composed of lavender buds, seaweed, and sugar cane with combined properties that nourish your skin while gently exfoliating and removing dead skin cells. Finishing with an effleurage application of moisturiser that melts away tired muscles.


$170 treatment only | $240 includes hydrothermal journey

A true sensory experience with the use of warm steamed muslin bags filled with orange, clove, ginger, & fucus serratus to gently massage into the body. Spa Therapists will use their hands, alongside the steamed muslin bags as a tool, to massage your skin as the steam releases precious seaweed and natural oils for a nourishing and supple rejuvenation. This antioxidant rich combination has been known to have pronounced graceful-ageing, skin conditioning, repairing, and hydrating effects.        

RESURFACING FACIAL created by VOYA | 60 min 

$120 treatment only | $190 includes hydrothermal journey

This highly effective resurfacing facial targets congested, lacklustre, and dull skin. Using a combination of seaweed extract, naturally derived glycolic and lactic acids, blended with pineapple fruit enzymes – this rejuvenating facial will revive your skin back to its natural radiant glow. Our advanced exfoliation trio assists in diminishing fine lines, reducing pore size, and will brighten the skin’s appearance.


Therapy for the body.  Customized massage therapy curated for your specific needs. Relieve pain, reduce muscular tension and increase mobility. Choose the right method and pressure with your Registered Massage Therapist.

  • 60 minute Therapeutic Massage with an RMT $130 treatment only | $210 includes hydrothermal journey
  • 90 minute Therapeutic Massage with an RMT $195 treatment only | $265 includes hydrothermal journey
  • Hot Stone Massage 90 min $195 treatment only | $265 includes hydrothermal journey
  • Mother to Be Massage 60 min $130 treatment only


Sheltered & Nourished

Enhancement Options for Massage & Body Treatments

Dry Brushing | Purpose: Exfoliating | $40
Wooden Trigger Roller | Purpose: Regenerating | $40

Upgrade Options for Facial Treatments

Gua Sha | Purpose: Sculpting | $35
Cryo Stix | Purpose: Depuffing | $25 
Facial Cupping | Purpose: Lymphatic Drainage | $35
Marine Eye Treatment | Purpose: Regenerating | $25

Sea products

Spa Product Offerings 

With luxury and sustainability in mind, we’ve partnered with VOYA. VOYA is an award-winning skincare company that offers a revolutionary range of results-driven facial and body products. Leveraging the research of cosmetic scientists, therapeutic practices, and sustainable-harvesting methods, our partnership with VOYA ensures we are delivering natural, effective and environmentally-friendly treatments that support the health of you and your skin.



Workshops for Groups, Retreats & Private Events

Integrated educational programming, workshops and events guided by our team of spa and culinary experts will offer guests the opportunity to experience and learn innovative practices, products, and preparation techniques that support health and longevity.


Head, Neck, Shoulder Massage




Blending – Scrubs & EO Workshops


Gua Sha, Cupping

On site chef at oceanstone

Cook like a Chef


Gather at the Table


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